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Knight (Characters) #9

In the Middle Ages, the knight was a horse fighter, also holding a title of nobility. The knights served in the army of their feudal lord, that is to say, their lord, king or emperor. They followed a code of honor, inspired by the Christian virtues, consisting in principle of protecting the weak and the oppressed. Looking primarily for personal glory during military operations, they were often poorly disciplined and loaded in disorder at the sight of the enemy, as was the case during the Battle of Crécy. They equipped themselves, their armor, weapons and steeds being entirely in their charge. There are several types of knight, first Knight-Hospitaller or Hospitaller: monk-soldier of the order of the Hospital Saint-Jean of Jerusalem in the Holy Land, the Knight of Rhodes: monk-soldier of the order of St. John of Jerusalem during his sovereignty on the island of Rhodes, the Knight of Malta: monk-soldier of the order of St. John of Jerusalem during his sovereignty on the island of Malta, the Knight of the Temple : brother-soldier of the order of the Temple also called Templars, the Teutonic Knight: brother-soldier of the Teutonic order. The title of knight is still used nowadays in many countries, as first rank of honorary orders (knight of the Legion of Honor, knight of Arts and Letters, knight of the Academic Palms, etc. It is also given by some associations to their members for folkloric reasons (for example, the Knights Tastevin Brotherhood).

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